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Trevor Curran

Rocker. —> Banker —> Entrepreneur

Multiple service & sales careers across decades-long timelines only begin to define Trevor. He was a writer and a musician in his teens and twenties. Manager in the retail trade in his late twenties. Banker…including Manager and Sales Director…in the ensuing 30 years of his career in mortgage financing.

Now, Trevor is retired from Mortgage Banking, resides in the country in Roxbury, Connecticut.  Yet he hasn’t left behind the standards he developed in his mortgage financing career, including a severe attention to detail and a desire to provide access to credit when the SBA, Banks, Underwriters, and the general population in the financing world, tells a business owner that dreaded word, “Declined.”

Sing me a song and find me that financing I need to grow my business. 

Yes, this sounds like a song.

In 2018, Trevor exited the mortgage lending field and with his partner, Linda Rey, launched Aurora Consulting, a Commercial Financing Brokerage to help entrepreneurs expand their enterprise with unique, cost effective business financing solutions.

When the pandemic hit, the business shut down in the early Spring of 2020 as Lenders scrambled with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). 

As true entrepreneurs do, Trevor and Linda Rey pivoted and sought to help business owners learn the fundamentals about business financing and how to apply for the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).

They had enough experience with how to apply for a business loan, so their knowledge helped to enlighten business owners who were navigating the very confusing EIDL process.

Aurora Consulting developed a national reputation assisting business owners all over the country and helped to secure over $70 million (and counting) in disaster funding for small business owners to thrive beyond COVID.

You can find them on YouTube where they try to have fun talking about an otherwise very dry topic, that if it weren’t for props they introduce during their show, even they would struggle to stay awake. 

They’re winding down their EIDL practice and will endeavor toward a new enterprise that has absolutely nothing to do with financial services. Stay tuned!

Trevor and Linda Rey live in Roxbury, Connecticut. They have no pets, but they marvel at the wild life that stroll and saunter through their back yard including, but not limited to, bears & bobcats. 

Send Trevor an email here.

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